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2019IAME First Announcement
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2019 International Additive Manufacturing Expo (2019 IAME)

Xi’an China

19th - 21st September 2019


International Additive Manufacturing Expo (IAME) is an international conference and exhibition organized by National Innovation Institute of Additive Manufacturing (NIIAM), held annually in September in Xi’an, China.  The event brings together industry, academia and government to provide a single platform for collaboration and innovation in additive manufacturing.  Built upon past success, IAME is increasing its influence in China as a major additive manufacturing event.  

This year, NIIAM is co-organizing 2019 IAME with Xi’an Jiaotong University.  We look forward to participants from universities, research institutes and companies worldwide to join us.

Time: 19th - 21st September 2019

Venue: Xi'an Hi-Tech District International Conference Center, Xi’an, China

2019 IAME Activities:

1) 2019 International Top-Level Forum on Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy – Additive Manufacturing

19th September 2019

The forum is sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).  This is the third year that Additive Manufacturing has been chosen by CAE as one of focused areas for International Top-Level Forum.  In 2019, the area of interest will be “Metallic Materials and Their Composites”.  World-renowned scholars and experts in this area are invited to present the latest scientific and technological progress and share insights in additive manufacturing of metallic materials and their composites.  

Some of renowned scholars and experts from overseas who have presented at the forum in the past two years include - Prof. Jyoti Mazumder from University of Michigan (USA); Prof. Wing Kam Liu from Northwestern University (USA); Prof. Stewart Williams from Cranfield University (UK); Prof. Chuck Zhang from Georgia Institute of Technology (USA); Prof. Akihiko CHIBA from Tohoku University (Japan); Professor Adam Clare from University of Nottingham (UK); Prof. Stefan Dimov from University of Birmingham (UK); Chris Morgan, R&D Director of 3D Systems; and Marc Saunders, Director of Renishaw Global Solution Center.

2) High-Level Panel Discussion

19th September 2019

A panel of additive manufacturing experts will be invited to the stage to have an open discussion with the audience regarding opportunities and challenges of additive manufacturing, especially for metallic materials and their composites.  

3) Exhibition

19th - 21st September 2019

A total of 4000 m2 exhibition area with approximately 50 exhibitors.

4) Technology Application Sub-Forums

20th September 2019

Sub-Forum I: Additive Manufacturing Processes, Machines and Materials

Sub-Forum II: Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

Sub-Forum III: Additive Manufacturing for Medical

Sub-Forum IV: Additive Manufacturing for Culture and Education

Sub-Forum V: Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain

5) 2019 International 3D Printing and Design Competition (2019 I3DC)

The competition is divided into 4 divisions:

I. Youths and Teens

II. University Students

III. Professionals

IV. Vocational School Students

For ‘Division II – University Students’, the competition is open to individuals of any nationality who are registered students, enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course (of any subject) at a university or higher education institute to

Key dates:

· The opening date of the Competition: 5th March 2019

· The deadline for registration: 2nd June 2019

· The deadline for entry submission: 30th June 2019

·The announcement of the first round winner: 1st August 2019

· The final competition in Xi’an: 19th to 21st September 2019

· Award ceremony: 21st September 2019


For more information, please contact

Ms. Yunqi XU (China)

Phone: 0086 13679292951


  Ms. Lu LU (Europe)

Phone: 0033 661170707